- Accounting is our Business -

Knowledge, Experience, Accountability

DuRant, Schraibman & Lindsay, LLC is a professional public accounting firm in Columbia, South Carolina. Each and every day, we strive to bring accountability to businesses, quasi-government entities, and individuals. We put a high premium on integrity and objectivity in all of our work. Our accounting services include:

Financial Accounting

Our financial accountants help clients capture, record, analyze and report financial information for management and third party use.  Find out more about our Financial Accounting services.

Tax Accounting

Our tax accountants assist business or individuals in planning for and complying with the various federal, state and local tax laws.  Find out more about our Tax Accounting services.

Forensic Accounting

Our forensic accountants assist clients in assessing, presenting various types of economic claims in matters arising in the course of business, life events and litigation. Find out more about our Forensic Accounting services.